Sacred Sheaths of Yoga Nidra

A 5-week home study

Develop your practice and enhance your relationship to the Koshas.

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Your Wisdom


The intelligence of the Yoga Nidra practice sits within the Koshas. In traditional Yogic thought we each have 5 Koshas, layers, or “bodies,” which we use as organs of experience. These Koshas are the vehicles of the physical, pranic, mental, intuitive and bliss wisdoms of life. Engaging with each sheath individually and in a concentrated way through Nidra, lifestyle, and personal practices, can clear your connection to each Kosha and increase the integration between the layers. As you incorporate the sheaths into your conscious awareness, you gain greater access to the wisdom that the Koshas have to offer.

Your Koshas



The physical stuff of life. When in clear communion with Annamaya Kosha you open the doorway to physical manifestation.


The energy of life. When in clear communion with Pranamaya Kosha you open to great emotional consciousness.


The intelligence of life. When in clear communion with Manomaya Kosha you open to the sharing of intelligence between all.



The wisdom of life. When in clear communion with Vijnanamaya Kosha you open to the deep wisdom shared by all life.


The bliss of life. When in clear communion with Ananadamaya Kosha you open to the grand bliss of all.

Each Week of This Course You’ll Receive

  • A Kosha-Themed Yoga Nidra Practice guided by Kristen Beaulieu
  • Generative journalling prompts to further your self-study
  • Integrative daily actions to bring your practice into your life
  • Inspiring study to deepen your understanding of the Koshas and your Yoga Nidra practice.

Dedicate to deepening your relationship to the Koshas and feel your body, mind, heart, and practice come alive.