The Art of Savasana

A home study

Learn the artistry of this pinnacle posture

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Even though Savasana is often labeled “the most important posture of practice” by teachers many students struggle to experience its depths and grace. Do you find yourself leaving class just as practice comes to lay down, or do you stay and mentally twiddle your thumbs waiting to get on with your day? Savasana is neither a time to sleep nor a time to plan. The greatest gifts of Yoga come on the other side of this asana. Join in this two-hour workshop to learn and practice Savasana and evolve your practice.

This workshop will cover various adaptations to the traditional form of Savasana, including chair options. All experience and ability levels are welcome.

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3:00 – 5:00 pm


June 4, 2021

In This Course You’ll Receive

  • A deeper understanding of the purpose and practice of Savasana
  • Integrated practice of a skillfully guided Yoga Asana class and extended savasana
  • a new appreciation for the Yoga practice as a whole

Develop your practice through commitment and exploration of this pinnacle posture.