Meditation Classes

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A classic practice of Meditation is Eye Gazing. Often done with another person or a natural object like a flower or a flame on a candle, this practice is very helpful in training our senses to withdraw inwards and honing our awareness into the present moment. Start where you are and use what you have right in front of you.
The key to practice is commitment. Commitment to siting down and turning in. Use this recorded meditation as a reminder of the commitment you are cultivating towards your Meditation practice.
Bring the experience of each individual Bija mantra together in this 108 chant mediation of all seven Bija mantras.
One of the great gifts of a regular Meditation practice is the increased capacity to be with what is uncomfortable. Only when we can hold our presence in the places that we want to run can we make choices of higher action. Sit, watch and be.
Experience a heart centered meditation with this 108 chant of the Bija Mantra Yam.
The foundational bija (seed) mantra Lam, the sacred sound of the root chakra. Chant it 108 times to set the foundation for your meditation practice.
This gentle guided meditation focuses your attention on your breath. Within this practice your breath will guided you into a deep state of ease, allowing the state of Meditation to arise spontaneously.
This 30 minute guided practice is a gentle and profound way to give and receive the deep healing of Loving Kindness. Based on the skills shared by Jack Kornfield.
One of the gifts of a regular Meditation practice is the capacity we gain to be with what is. To sustain our presence of consciousness with what the moments of life offer. We strength our capacity to receive all the facets of the present moment, enriching the experience of life.
Mindfulness and Meditation, though deeply connected are not the same practice. In this recording we explore the relationship between mindfulness and meditation and use them in conjunction to created a deeper and more integrated experience.
A guided practice of the Vishuddha chakra bija mantra HAM. Chanted 108 times.
This gentle guided meditation takes you in stages toward thought awareness. Developing the capacity to be aware of our thoughts, without becoming a part of our thoughts is a primary skill in self-study.
Experience a creative energy centered meditation with this 108 chant of the Bija Mantra Vam.
In this guided meditation you will use the power of chant to help prepare yourself to enter into the meditative state. In repeating the sacred sound of Om 108 times you create the space the ease and space to settle into a deep meditation.