Yoga Online Home Practice Guide

The 4 steps to an invigorating home practice Is your home practice losing its zest? Let’s talk about how to bring more life and energy to your online classes. Practicing Yoga in a public group is a wonderful gift that can support each individual in their own journey. The shared experience of moving and breathing… Continue reading Yoga Online Home Practice Guide

Foundational Practices for Hips: A 3-Part Series – Part 3

Many students have come to me to ask for help with an increasing pain in their gluteus muscles, the muscles at the back of your hip, your buttocks. There can be several different things happening to cause this pain in the back end and if you are experiencing sharp and stabbing pain please visit your doctor to assess the cause. In this article I will address the overuse of the piriformis and other smaller, shorter muscles embedded behind the gluteus muscles. This overuse is often a result of the under-use of the larger, stronger muscles of the gluteus (gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, gluteus minimus).

Foundational Practices for Hip Stability: A 3-Part Series – Part 1

Let’s talk foot placement We all stand a little, or sometimes a lot, differently. Some of us stand with one foot slightly turned out, or in. Some stand with both feet turned out, or in. You might stand with more weight on your right foot while someone else may stand with more weight on their… Continue reading Foundational Practices for Hip Stability: A 3-Part Series – Part 1