Conscious-Aging, Wisdom, Compassion

Welcome to Sacred Elders, my name is Kristen Beaulieu and I am a conscious-aging advocate. After many years of working with, and for, seniors I have created Sacred Elders to offer services and support to seniors, their care-givers, and service providers. These services are inclusive of all experiences of aging as valid and worthy of being seen and supported.

Sacred Elders is the consolidation of my work and wisdom gained from teaching Yoga to Seniors. Along with my further education and study in psychology, meditation and counseling, Sacred Elders frames the later stages of life from a conscious-aging perspective with the guiding principles of Yoga. 

The fundamental objectives of Sacred Elders are to:

Offer Yogic-based tools and guidance to seniors, their family, and care-givers. Giving an expanded perspective on how we can meet the experiences common to aging and gain new and important understanding of ourselves in our elder years