Seniors Yoga Classes

Please consider making a donation to help support the creation of these classes and to keep them available to all.

Grab your chair and join in on a shoulder freeing series of yoga postures and breath practices. This all levels class offers posture options for those who would prefer to remain seated as well as those who can stand and come to the floor.
Join in this practice to increase your physical stability. Move, breathe and challenge your self. Grab a chair and join in.
Join class and be gently guided into the strength of your core. You will be offered supportive postures to engage and enliven the deep core muscles that help stabilize and mobilize the body.
This Seniors Yoga class offers support and alternative postures for all to access the flexibility and strength of lunges. Grab your chair and lets get moving.
Let’s get those hips moving. This Seniors Yoga class offers seated, standing and reclined postures to help gently ease hips into increased stable mobility. Have a seat and lets get started.
Join this gentle yoga class. With breath, tapping and mindfulness techniques, release the physical, mental and emotional tension you may be feeling. Grab a chair and join in!
Join this gentle class focused on exploring hip mobility. Supportive and adaptive postures will be offered to invite all mobility levels to practice.