A personalized approach to conscious aging.

Unsure of how to meet the increasing complexity of managing health, relationships and lifestyle? Consider conscious-aging coaching. Yoga is not only the postures we do, it offers an entire approach to daily life that can bring clarity to your decisions, help support healing and reduce stress, even in stressful times.

Meeting in your home, or a mutually-agreed-upon space, gives us opportunity to discuss and develop a personalized plan to support your needs. Coaching sessions allow us to modify and evolve your conscious-aging plan as various life situations and changes may arise.

These sessions also allow us to expand our work together to include your family or care-providers if you feel it is helpful.

Sessions could include one-on-one:

  • Conscious-aging coaching
  • Personalized meditation guidance
  • Individualized Practice Plan
  • Yoga practice development
  • Yoga Therapy support
  • and more