Yoga Online Home Practice Guide

The 4 steps to an invigorating home practice

Is your home practice losing its zest? Let’s talk about how to bring more life and energy to your online classes.

Practicing Yoga in a public group is a wonderful gift that can support each individual in their own journey. The shared experience of moving and breathing together can lift the motivation of everyone in the room. With the move of community Yoga classes online you may notice that practicing in your home comes with new challenges. These challenges can become a great part of your practice if you embrace them and make some choices to set yourself up for success.

Here are 4 things you can do to get the most from your Yoga Online Home Practice:

Prepare your space

Before each class be sure to collect up all your supplies so you have everything you need for practice. You can store your Yoga supplies in a box or basket to make it easier to access them for each class. Keeping all your supplies clean and stored together will support you in having as nourishing and supportive a practice as possible.

Create your space

There are many factors that can affect where you practice in your home. Some considerations are proximity to the computer that you will be using, having space to move without hindrance, and feeling able to practice free of distraction. When possible, choose a quiet space where you can have some privacy. Let those you live with know you are practicing Yoga and when you will be done so that you are not disturbed. Maybe you can invite them to join you!

Hold your space

One of the greatest challenges of a home practice is the potential for distraction. When you enter a public Yoga space, once the doors are closed all you have to focus on is the class. When you practice in your own home you may be enticed by all the other you’re you could be spending your time, or the to-do list you have on your fridge. Holding your space for your Yoga time is essential to a beneficial practice. Distractions not only lead to possible injury they also diminish the overall experience of Yoga. “Be here now” is a wonderful mantra to use for your home practice. Some other useful things you can do are to   put your cellphone on silent (or at least out of the room so you are not distracted by incoming calls or messages) and turn notifications off on your computer. Remember if your phone rings you can always call them back after practice. This time is for you and your Yoga practice. Holding the space will become easier the more you do it, just like Yoga.

Value your space

The key to getting the same valuable experience of Yoga in your home practice that you would in a group practice comes down to valuing the class time as important. Hold yourself and your practice as equally important as anything else you would do in your day. Remind yourself that this time of practice is sacred and valuable. Though there are many other things that may feel important, make the conscious choice to focus your energy and attention on your Yoga practice for the duration of the class. You will be happy you did. You will higher quality attention and energy to those things you think of doing when you first choose to be present in your Yoga practice.

Change can bring new life and energy to our routines. Moving your practice to your home is a wonderful opportunity to explore new aspects of Yoga and develop new mindfulness skills. Bringing commitment and intention to your new “home studio” will go a long way in ensuring you are receiving all the amazing benefits of a regular Yoga practice. 

See you in class!

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